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Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering


The degree program is designed in such a way that on the basis of a sound foundation in mechanics, which represents the main discipline in mechanical engineering, further specializations as well as extensionsin different areas of mechanical engineering are enabled. By means of the elective courses from different subject areas of mechanical engineering the student has the possibility of developing
himself/herself according to his/her interests and to build his/he rown profile. The variety of the elective courses supports the formation of an interdisciplinary profile. A solid basis in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering combined with a broad spectrum of elective courses to shape his/her own personal, interdisciplinary profile as well as a strong research orientation build the innovative
core of the degree program.

In the first semester of the three-semester degree program, fundamental and methodic knowledge in a wide range of topics in the mechanics,including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics and mechanics of
multi-body systems are taught. Modern simulation tools are applied for calculating technical processes and their effects in the above-mentioned areas. By the accompanying specialization inmathematics, a theoretically funded handling of the used simulation programs will be enabled. For rounding off the fundamentals, basic knowledge in measurement technology are taught, which can be deepened within the framework of the elective courses or in the course of the later professional career.
On this basis, the student develops his/her personal profile by means of elective courses, in the second semester. Depending on the personal interests, this can mean a further specialization in mechanics, as well as an extension of his/her spectrum by the courses in differentfields, such as energy technology or industrial engineering, enabling the development of an interdisciplinary profile. Within the framework of projects, the acquired knowledge is applied and deepened,encouraging independent work.

In the Master Thesis, which follows in the third semester, scientific problems with practical relevance, within the framework of the ongoing research and development projects are treated. By the involvement in the current research and development projects, the innovative potential of the student will particularly be enhanced.The degree to be awarded after a successful completion of the study program is „Master of Science“ (M. Sc.), which also means a principal entitlement to PhD.

The education language is English. The student learns to read, understand and write technical papers as well as to communicate on technical topics in English, both written and verbal. The education in English enables the graduate to operate globally and internationally without language barriers later in the professional life. The educational language being English is also a basis for the international
Double-Degree programs that are intended for the fut

Qualification Profile

​The graduate has fundamental and methodic knowledge in a wide range of topics in the mechanics. He/she masters modern simulation tools in these areas. The graduate has basic knowledge in measuring methods, which enables him/her to specialize in this field in the course oft he later career.
On this basis, the graduate has acquired further knowledge in various fields of the elective courses, which can mean a further specialization in the mechanics, or an expansion of the spectrum in other areas such as energy technology or industrial engineering - and formed his/her personal profile in general mechanical engineering. ​The graduate is capable of independent scientific work by the engagement in ongoing research and industrial projects.

Admission RequiremenTS

A successful completion of one of the Bachelor Degree Programs of the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, or a comparable Bachelor Degree Program of another university is required. The comparability is determined by the examination board.

The final cumulative grade of the Bachelor Degree Program must be “2.5” or better. Alternatively, an “A” or a “B” grade according to the ECTS is required, for the foreign degrees.

Furthermore, English knowledge of the level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference must be proven.

The proof of the fulfillment of the language requirement can be provided by one of the following documents:

Cambridge Certificate:First Certificate in English (FCE)
Level 3
TOEFL (IBT):Minimum 72 Points
TOEFL (CBT):Minimum 200 Points
TOEFL (PBT): Minimum 533 Points
TOEIC:Minimum 785 Points

Certificates of universities, schools or comparable institutions that certify a B2 level in English may also be accepted. The fulfillment of thel anguage requirement is determined by the examination board.

Applicants, who acquired their Bachelor degree at an english-speaking organization are freed from the burden of proof.

Further details on the admission requirements are available in the corresponding examination regulations under www.hs-duesseldorf.de/pruefungsordnungen.


The programme starts in summer semester. Application deadline is 15 January. A start additionally in winter semester is planned for the near future. Graduates from German universities apply online via the following internet portal: www.hs-duesseldorf.de/bewerbung

The online portal is open approximately from mid-November until 15 January. Please note that there are separate application procedures for certain groups of applicants. Information can be found in the
application portal.

Graduates from international universities receive detailed information about the application procedure from the International Office: www.hs-duesseldorf.de/application​.

Contact for enquiries:advisoryservice.io@hs-duesseldorf.de

Career Options in Mechanical Engineering

Career opportunities with a master's degree in "Mechanical Engineering"are manifold. Graduates of this programme will be engaged in all companies which develop, produce and optimize machinery, equipment or systems constructed thereof at the forefront.

​There are good opportunities to find employment in a large or medium-sized industrial companies which provide products or services in the following industries:

  • ​Engineering
  • Industrial plants
  • Vehicle construction
  • Power engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical
  • Safety technology
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Food technology
  • Engineering services

This master's degree leads to more vocational options, such as in management or in research and development. Suitable research or development departments can be found in large companies, but also in medium-sized companies. Since current research topics are covered within the degree programme, the creation of an innovative company, which was inspired by problems and solutions of the current research, is conceivable.

Another possibility is to be employed at a university or research institution. The master's degree in principle to a doctorate. It is possible to obtain a doctorate while working at a university research
institute, or company. Since the Master's degree programme is exclusively taught in English, the graduates are entitled to work in all the sectors mentioned above internationally and globally.


Study Program Master ME

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International student advising

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