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​International experience 4 you!

Die Veranstaltung „INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE 4 YOU“ an der Hochschule Düsseldorf hat eine lange Tradition. Internationale Studierende aus zahlreichen Ländern stellen ihre Heimat mit Kurzvorträgen, Musik, Tanz, Rezitation, kulinarisch usw. in sehr persönlicher Art und Weise vor. Die Gestaltung dieses Abends hängt von ihrem Engagement ab.



The event „International Experience 4 You“, which became “traditional” in the meantime, took place again, in june 2015 in Café Freiraum (Campus Golzheim) as in every year since 2011, organized by Prof. Benim and Ms. Atalay, and sponsored by the International Office (Ms. Dr. M. Katz).

The purpose was information exchange in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere, with live music, drinks, foods as well as presentations and shows from students and researchers from different countries.


Prof. Khafizova(Russia)

Mr. Ghani(Turkey)

Mr. Haladus(Poland)

Mr. Vincente(Portugal)


Mr. Sura on his experience at the University of Nantes, France.