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CE3 Workshop: Start-up experience

Are you an entrepreneur or interested in founding your own company? Learn from two successful founders about their experiences, successes and failures.

Albert (TruePhysics) and Alex (BABLE) founded companies in different sectors and will share some of their insights. Both are open to any kind of questions you might have related to their businesses.
If you are interested in joining the online workshop on Friday, 4th September 15.30 -17.00, please register here: Klick me!
TruePhysics - TruPhysics was founded in 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany, and since then has been involved in the research and development of simulation solutions in virtual and augmented reality, as well as AR-based applications and intelligent robotics systems. (www.truphysics.com)

BABLE - BABLE was founded in 2017 with the main purpose to support the sustainable development of cities in Europe and beyond. We want to create liveable, future proof and sustainable cities based on innovation and collaboration. (www.bable-smartcities.eu)
The CE3 project is supported by the INTERREG program.​

CE3 Workshop: Start-up experience