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HSD Produces Electricity

In the HSD laboratory for thermodynamics and power plant engineering, a low-pressure steam turbine produces electrical energy.

The aim of the research project is to investigate how waste heat from block heating power plants can be used more efficiently. The turbine will reach approx. 4 kW and, thus, increase the efficiency of the block heating power plant by 8 %. The project is financed by European funds for regional development (EFRE).

Andreas Gotter, general manager of gofficient UG (German version) in Aachen and HSD alumnus, came up with the idea for the project. Prof. Dr. Matthias Neef supervises the laboratory working on the research project. Last week, the key element of the energy conversion project – the steam turbine – was tested for the first time at a nominal speed of 120.000 rpm.

Frank Eckert, EP Turbines Ltd., developed the turbine and is an essential help to the project, contributing his extensive experience in turbine construction.
MSc Christoph Laux is responsible for planning and measurements in the laboratory at HSD. He combines the project with his doctoral studies in cooperation with University of Siegen.

Im Labor für Thermodynamik und Kraftwerkstechnik stellt ein Niederdruck-Dampfkreislauf erstmals elektrische Energie bereit. Im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojektes wird untersucht, wie die Abwärme in Blockheizkraftwerken noch effizienter genutzt werden kann, gefördert aus Landesmitteln.
low-pressure steam turbine