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Fachbereich Maschinenbau & Verfahrenstechnik
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering


Why should I study energy and environmental technology?

I would like to...

  • help shape the future.
  • use energy efficiently and sustainably.
  • conserve our environment and resources.
  • help fight climate change.
  • choose a topical and innovative professional field.
  • have diverse and good career prospects.


What are energy and environmental technology?

Energy technology is about the conversion and use of energy as well as aspects of energy management. Generating electricity in power plants, using renewable energies and applying energy-saving technologies are just a few examples. Environmental technology serves to reduce pollutant emission and noise. Both areas require specific measurement technology. Holistic, ecological and economic assessment is an essential part.


What to expect from the study programme?

  • Practical projects with other students already during the first semester
  • Fundamentals of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, business studies and engineering
  • In-depth study of the diverse topics of sustainable energy and environmental technology
  • Introduction to transferable skills such as project management, problem solving, teamwork
  • Lots of practical work in the laboratory to practise and apply the theoretical knowledge acquired
  • Five-month practical experience in a company as part of the syllabus
  • Elective and specialisation options in project work, elective modules and bachelor’s thesis
  • Studying at the new, well-equipped campus in Düsseldorf Derendorf


Please note: The language of instruction is mainly German.

​Key Facts

Language of instruction​Mainly German
​Degree​Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
​Normal programme length​7 semesters
​Study programme begins​Winter semester

​Find out how and when to apply:

Degree seeking students
Exchange students

​Allocation of places​Restricted admission
​General admission requirementshs-duesseldorf.de/requirements
Period abroad​Possible
Postgraduate study programmes at HSD

​Simulation and Experimental Engineering (MSc)

International Industrial Engineering (MSc)

(both master’s degrees feature a specialisation option in energy and environmental technology)

Mechanical Engineering (MSc)​

​Summary of key informationEnglish Flyer [PDF]