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Fachbereich Maschinenbau & Verfahrenstechnik
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering


What is process technology?

Process technology deals with the production and processing of large amounts of products without specific geometric form – bulk goods such as powder, granulated material, fluids or gases. Production methods are diverse and range from oil plant to brewery. They include physical, chemical and biological processes and various unit operations: combination (mixing processes) and separation (filtration, distillation, pollutant removal etc.).


Why should I study environmental and process technology?

You are interested not only in production methods, but also in how to produce environmentally friendly and sustainably and how to conserve resources and avoid waste.


What to expect from the study programme?

  • Fundamentals of natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and mathematics
  • Work in practical projects – already in semester 1
  • Characteristics of specific materials and how they change
  • Devices and machines for materials conversion, combination and separation
  • Devices and machines to store and extract materials
  • Functioning of production plants
  • Purification procedures for air and water, noise protection
  • Electricity supply and automated control solutions in production plants
  • Lots of practical exercises in our laboratories
  • Aspects of profitability and sustainability


Please note: The language of instruction is mainly German.​

​Key Facts

Language of instruction​Mainly German
​​DegreeBachelor of Engineering (BEng)
​Normal programme length​7 semesters
Study programme begins​Winter semester

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Allocation of places​Restricted admission
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Period abroad​Possible
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