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Fachbereich Maschinenbau & Verfahrenstechnik
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering


As an industrial engineer, you combine expertise from two fields: economics as well as technology. You can solve technical issues with business expertise, think beyond individual departments and coordinate different interests. The study programme is interdisciplinary, combining technical and natural scientific, mathematical and analytical as well as economic and social-scientific contents. Industrial engineering is a discipline at the interface between several different disciplines.

As an industrial engineer, you therefore build bridges between different disciplines. You are a generalist with broad expert knowledge. You ensure smooth cooperation between colleagues from different departments and are competent in managerial decision-making. You are able to identify corporate interdependencies and, thus, optimise and coordinate plants, structures and processes. Thanks to the broad syllabus of the programme, you are able to build synergies and overcome potential thinking barriers. You can serve as the interface between economics and technology – understanding both the work of the designers and production engineers as well as the cost management and procurement.

The syllabus is rich in variety. During the first semesters, you acquire the fundamentals of business administration, such as investment calculation and financial reporting. In addition, we teach you the natural scientific and technical basis as well as in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering. Simultaneously, you apply and extend your knowledge in case studies and seminars.


Please note: The language of instruction is mainly German.

​Key Facts

Language of instruction​Mainly German
​Degree​Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
​Normal programme length​7 semesters
​Study programme begins​Winter semester

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​Allocation of places​Restricted admission
​General admission requirementshs-duesseldorf.de/requirements
Period abroad​Possible
Postgraduate study programmes at HSDInternational Industrial Engineering (MSc)

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