Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Maschinenbau & Verfahrenstechnik
Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering

​Semesters 1–2

  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Quality Management Methods
  • International Technical Sales Management
  • Lifecycle and Services Management

Compulsory Elective Modules and Project Work

  • Compulsory Elective Module 1
  • Compulsory Elective Module 2 or Study Project 2 (Research & Development)
  • Study Project 1 and Project Seminar (Research & Development)

Specialisation Production and Innovation

  • Product and Change Management
  • Production Optimisation Methods
  • Operations Management

Specialisation Energy and Environmental Technology

  • Heating and Cooling – Renewable Energies, Combustion, Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Electrical Power – Conversion, Storage, Distribution
  • Environment – Noise Protection, Measurement Technology Air

Specialisation Environmental and Process Technology

  • Computer-Aided Process and Process Plant Design
  • Energy and Environmental Process Optimisation
  • Environment – Noise Protection, Measurement Technology Air

Semester 3

  • Engineering Conferences
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Colloquium

Please check the module manual for detailed information on the contents of the study programme.