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As a mechanical engineer in production technology, you ensure optimised, cost-efficient and smooth production of components or entire machines. Options in production technology are diverse: cutting manufacturing (turning, milling, grinding etc.), chipless manufacturing (founding, rolling, welding, plastic injection moulding) or even state-of-the-art methods such as 3D printing. The ideal manufacturing technique depends on the form of the product, but also on the kind of material. Metals, plastics, ceramics and special materials require different techniques.

Production engineers also organise the production processes in a plant. This includes the ideal physical configuration and chronology of the different steps of the production, smooth provision and distribution of the material and proper personnel planning.

In state-of-the-art production technology, computer-based methods (CAD, CAM, ERP) support manufacturing and organisational processes.

To produce a new product, product developers and production engineers work partly simultaneously. First, experts in product development work on the concept: functionality, form and design, choice of material etc. Production engineers consult them in the process and are responsible for smooth, cost-efficient production.

Thanks to their interdisciplinary training, mechanical engineers can work closely in teams with experts across many fields. Many mechanical engineers also use their knowledge acquired in relevant courses and projects at university to take on management responsibilities later on.


Please note: The language of instruction is mainly German.

​Key Facts

Language of instruction​Mainly German
​​DegreeBachelor of Engineering (BEng)
​Normal programme length​7 semesters
Study programme begins​Winter semester

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Allocation of places​Restricted admission
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